“Mamas Supporting Mamas”

When I started doing the group photos for “Mamas” I never expected it to to turn into what it has.


It has become so much more than a photoshoot but more so “Mamas Supporting Mamas”.

Being a Mom is hard, finding someone who relates to you can be even harder! When you meet another woman who never sleeps, eats and also puts a tiny human before everything else you can’t help but to instantly bond.


I am so excited to start showcasing motherhood and the bond mothers have with each other and their children.


We must stand proud, be confident and never be afraid to be judged by one another.


As Moms we need to worry less about what others Moms are doing and worry more about how other Moms are feeling.


I will be featuring my “Women Empowerment” collection on my facebook page @Chelseataskerphotography my Instagram @chelseatasker and of course my blog.

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Mamas Supporting Mamas + Photoshoots

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PS we LOVE to travel.



Breastfeeding is such a beautiful thing and amazing for your baby– but you know what else is even better than that a happy baby, a healthy baby, a baby who is loved so much by their mother and a baby with a full belly.

Beautiful fed babies.

I started a project regarding the “fed is best movement.” As a Mom who formula bottle fed one child and currently breastfeeding another I know just how judged you will be with either decision you make.

I felt more judged when I was formula feeding. Most people I meet think I chose to formula feed out of convenience or laziness. “OH MY GOSH!” are they wrong. What’s easy about making a bottle while your baby is already fussy, I would spend my evenings washing and prepping bottles for the next day instead of spending some extra time snuggling with my babe.

Another miss consumption that really hurt me with formula feeding is that it is an easy decision. Because it is mentally and emotionally draining to come to the realization that breastfeeding isn’t going to work for you. There is nothing selfish about it at all. To have to accept your body and self can’t do something we are literally made to do is an emotional roller coasted and quit depressing.

I am thankful each day that formula is an option if it wasn’t many babies would starve and possibly not survive.

Formula fed. Down for that. Beat myself up huge when I couldn’t breastfeed and still see images that are hurtful. You don’t know everyone’s story! 🙂


Now I think we can all agree that breastfeeding has so many benefits that formula doesn’t and it even has extra bonding time and I am so thankful I had all the support I did the second time around to meet all my breastfeeding goal.

Although breastfeeding has proven to be more convenient it is emotionally and physically draining all on its own. Feeding in public is another hurdle I still need to get over especially having a baby that will NOT eat covered.

There is no easy way out for any mother, mother hood is the hardest journey life has to offer. We need to end Mom-shaming and just be there for each other. Every Mom has their own struggles this not a time to judge but a time to support each other as one.


Have you ever seen a the way a Mom looks at her baby? Like nothing else in the world matters for such a short moment.

That love is the love we should be focusing on. That love is the purest, it see no wrong and has no judgement.


Whether your are formula feeding or breastfeeding we are all Moms trying to make it through each day while giving all our love away.

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Thank you to all the Mamas who made this project possible for me.



Scenery photography is very new to me and something I can’t wait to get better at.

I find nature so inspiring. Have you ever been inspired by a dandelion before? I have! When I see something as simple as a dandelion my mind begins to flow with ideas and vision that I must bring to life.


Motherhood and photography has changed the way I see the world its very euphoric actually.

I chose to see beauty in everything and everyone– beauty is so much deeper than the surface. I want to bring that beauty out in everyone I meet and make them feel power they didn’t know they had with in.

“Find the beauty within your storm.”

I am currently working on a women empowerment collection and can’t wait to begin to share it. This will be an ongoing collection and a focus of my photography.

I will still continue to do all other photo shoots such as maternity, newborn, family and really anything lifestyle that I build a vision for.

There is something about moments before the storm I find so incredibly peaceful.
John 15:19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.



“Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Elizabeth Stone

Maternity photo shoots are incredibly special to me.

To me pregnancy makes a women so much more beautiful, everything from her glow to her belly and the excitement in her eyes that she is soon to meet the love of her life.

I hate to call my “clients”, “clients” because they feel more like friends. This doesn’t happen every time but it did with these two ladies.

I met Katrina (left) when we were both 9 months pregnant with out daughter to find out our due date were only two days apart. We continued to keep in touch and talk EVERYDAY! Our daughter were born only 3 days apart.

Jacklyn and I (right) also keep in touch she was my first photo shoot after Willow was born and was super understanding while Wes stayed very close by with both my girls in case Willow woke up and needed me.


I would say Maternity photos are at the top of my favourite types of photo shoots to do. Pregnancy is a such a short time in a women’s life and to be able to capture the beautiful essence of pregnancy is something I will never get bored with.


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Surviving Camping With Babies & Must Haves

“Surviving Camping with Babies” that is slightly dramatic of a title of course you are going survive but here is how I made our trip go smoothly.


This past weekend my family and I went on our first camping trip as a family of four– or as some would call it “glamping”.

This trip went a lot smoother then I could have ever hoped for, so I thought I would share a few tips to make your next camping trip a little easier.

  1. My first and most important tip would be stay organized and go prepared. During the time before you leave if you think of anything you might need right it down keep a list, stay organized. Keeping organized will get your trip off to a great start and make things smoother during your trip. There is nothing more stressful than not having what you need and not being able to get it. Keep in mind you are camping messes are more than likely to happen, injuries and allergies may occur– pack accordingly.
  2. Bring toys that will keep your child occupied for a while because if your toddler is anything like mine she will just want to run and explore everything so I recommend bringing toys that keep your little one in one place and settled. Thankfully I had Wes chasing Addison around while I was with Willow and the little break he got from the “Jeep” we drove Addison around in was just enough time to rest and relax before it was time to run around some more. IMG_7619.jpg
  3. BABY WEAR!!!! Get your self a baby wrap, carrier, or ring sling… “Baby wear! baby wear! baby wear!” You baby is in a strange place and more than likely will not want to be put down. If your with friends or family take advantage of them wanting to love on your baby because she probably will not want to be put down until she gets comfortable with the strange place.
  4. My final tip would be don’t let the first night determine how the rest of your camping experience will be. The first night will probably be the hardest you are creating a new sleep routine and need to get a feel for everything. Watch your babies carefully the first day and night to help direct your camping or travelling routine.IMG_7625-2.jpg

Some of my must halves for camping with two under two. (This list is travel trailer friendly).

  • Pack extras of the essentials. Diapers, Wipes, Receiving Blankets, Clothing, blankets, sweaters and warm wear…. thing you DO NOT want to run out of.
  • New toys something your child doesn’t see everyday
  • High Chairs
  • Play Pen
  • Sound Machine
  • Lavender and Tea Tree essential oil
  • Easy snacks
  • Bouncy Chair, exasauser… (something to put the littlest down in)

❥ Chelsea


My Birth Story

My birth story with Willow is an incredible one if someone asked me to describe it using one word I would say peaceful.


I thought my labour and delivery with Addison was easy what I experienced with Willow changed my opinion of that.

On June 14th 2018 I had a doctor appointment I was 0% effaced and 0cm dilated– things changed fast.

On the morning of June 15th 2018 Wes came into our room to see how I was before he left for work I didn’t know I was in labour but like with Addison I had a gut feeling I may have been. I didn’t want to ask him to stay home from work because I had thought I was in labour once before and he had already missed a day of work from that but something told me I should go get checked, I called labour and delivery they told me to come down if nothing was happening when we got there Wes decided he would go to work then, we waited for Addison to wake up, got everyone cleaned up and headed down to the hospital.

When we arrived to the hospital around 9am they couldn’t do much but monitor baby because I was unsure if my water had broken we waited for my doctor to arrive to do the test to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid.. I wasn’t. I was 31/2 cm dilated it seemed like thing were moving fast. I was sent to labour at home my contractions started getting a lot closer together and because we lived so far from the hospital we decided to head back around noon. When we got back I was only 41/2 cm dilated it seemed things had stalled and I thought I was going to labour for days and I was sent back home. Once we got home I slept for a couple of hours my contractions were getting even closer together so this time we headed to my doctor’s office I was over 5cm dilated and thinning fast and sent to the hospital .

We arrived at the hospital around 5pm I called my sister and Mom to come down to the hospital. I was walking around the room, bouncing on the ball, getting my hair braided it just felt like we were all hanging out waiting for Willows appearance with contractions mixed in. I either have easy labours or handle it really well because I was way over 6cm and nobody thought to check me to see if I was progressing.

When then nurse checked me I was dilated at 7cm and decided to get the epidural and have my doctor come down and break my water. The epidural was the worst part of my entire labour experience worse than the contractions it took the anesthesiologist forever to get it right. I was not impressed and that was the only point in my labour I made any rude comment “How many of these have you done?” I don’t know much about epidurals but it didn’t take an hour to get it right with Addison so it was not what I was used to but maybe lots of blood, asking were I feel it and over any hour of jabbing a needle in my back is the usual… anyways im getting a little carried away I am still bitter over it.

My doctor came to the hospital around 9pm and broke my water instantly things sped up and I was 9cm dilated with in half  an hour around 10pm my doctor was called back up because my body was pushing. Trying to resist the urge to push is such a hard thing but I was so scared to swell up again like I did with Addison. I had such amazing support to help me breath though the urge.  In the delivery room there was Wes, my Mom, Sister and her best friend Brooke. (I don’t mind having people in the room for my labour and delivery I find it to be such a beautiful part of life that I am ok with sharing it with people it’s truly incredible and my body is not just a body).

My body getting ready to push.

I started pushing sometime around 10:15pm and at 10:22pm Willow Anne Rivett was born. Before I started pushing we made guess’s how long I would push for my guess was a lot more then 7min. Things got a little scary for a second Willow had pooped while I was pushing and some got in her mouth so that motivated me to push as hard as I could. Thankfully she was fine and born completely healthy at 9pounds 5ounces and 19 inches long. My baby looked so tiny when she was placed on my chest but she was almost the size of some babies at one month.

Willow Anne 9pounds 5ounces, 22 inches.

Willow was placed on my chest right away and latched right on to my breast she has been a natural breastfeeder ever since and I could not be happier because my breast-feeding journey with Addison was cut so short.

I got a 2nd degree tear and a few stitches. We were moved into our and stayed in the hospital for about 36hours because she was so late Friday night we had to wait until Monday morning for Willow to get her bilirubin test done. It done come back that she was a little jaundice but the nurse did not feel considered because of how well she was eating and she had an acquaint number of wet diapers and we were discharged. We went back to the lab 24hours later to get the bilirubin test for Willow redone and it came back perfect.

Our first latch

I have the most incredible friend and family who have been there to support me during my pregnancy and not postpartum. My Doctor is so incredible and such an advocate for his patients, The nurse I had the recovery room is seriously how all nurses should inspire to be so was just AMAZING.

Overall my birth experience with Willow was peaceful, it was nice and calm and I just left hospital feeling great about my experience and how everything went. I am very lucky to have such “easy” labours because I know that isn’t the case for most people.

Healing went great and I am feeling amazing and back to my old self. Two under Two is hectic but it flows I try to keep everything as organized as I can.



Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is something I tossed around the idea of doing for a while now. I have decided to give it a go but only to make women feel beautiful, sexy, powerful and confident.


The fact I can do this for someone makes the job so much more incredible. I don’t want to do basic boudoir. I want to go into the middle of nowhere a place you can be one with your body and feel free –I wan’t to take you our of your element.

That being said if you feel most comfortable in your home and thats where you are most confident we can do something incredible something unique.


I take my sessions very seriously– if you chose to book with me we will go over everything together from location, to outfits (provided or your own), hair and make-up.

It’s basically my goal to make you feel like a “F-CKING BAD ASS GODESS MERMAID UNICORN.”


The Advice I Wish I had Before

During pregnancy and even after you’re bombarded with different parenting advice from different people; from complete strangers, people in “mom groups”, family and friends.. I have learnt NOW to take all that with a grain of salt!

So here is the advice I am giving my self this time.



Every single child (baby) is not the same! One thing that may have worked for another may not work for yours. Trust your gut do what feel right your motherly instinct is stronger than you know. At the end of the day if your baby is happy, healthy, loved and fed you are doing more than enough.



“GIRL, Get off the internet”. Stop asking is that normal? Google doesn’t know your baby Mom groups don’t know your baby and honestly all that will just make you paranoid. If you are really that concerned call the local health line or your doctor cause 99% of the time that is “normal” but concern is also “normal”.



The last thing I would tell myself is to “slow down”. Stop rushing each milestone. Sit back and relax the time they are so little goes by in the blink of an eye. Embrace the chaos, fold the laundry later, live more, enjoy each moment like it’s the last time because eventually it will be. Those sleepless nights won’t last forever your baby won’t want to be held forever— cherish it a little longer.







32 Weeks Pregnant

I wanted to VERY BRIEFLY cover the topic of “birth plans” and why they are important to me.

First of all a birth plan is just a plan, it is not a guide and step by step for your labour and delivery you can not plan for that and in the moment so much can change— but you can prepare.

I find creating a birth plan to be an effective way to have my team and everyone there supporting me on the same page and have an idea and understanding of my goals to make my experience a little easier.

This is a great link to help you create your own birth plan.

Birth Plan Check List

Go in with a plan we all have things that are important to us and some more than others but be sure to keep an open mind and try not stress remember our bodies were made to do this.

❥ Chelsea




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