How does fall make you feel? Fall makes me feel peaceful and refreshed.  My personal photos reflect my emotions and things in life I am going through– it is how I express myself. These photos may look dark and moody to you but to me they express a feeling but a feeling that is not … Continue reading Fall

To The Mom Who Always Ditches

Let's talk about it. COLIC! I've looked high and low for support and have found a bunch of dead ends. Why is colic not being discussed it's probably one of the hardest things I have ever gone though as a Mother and a human in general. If you search the hashtag " #colic " on … Continue reading To The Mom Who Always Ditches

Top 5 Must Have Essential Nonessential Baby Items.

If you watch our IGTV channel you will have seen our video on this. If you are just a blog reader here is the list for you in no particular order. Snuggle Me Organic. We LOVE our snuggle me organic. It is perfect to place baby in if you need to put her down for … Continue reading Top 5 Must Have Essential Nonessential Baby Items.


Breastfeeding is such a beautiful thing and amazing for your baby– but you know what else is even better than that a happy baby, a healthy baby, a baby who is loved so much by their mother and a baby with a full belly. I started a project regarding the "fed is best movement." As … Continue reading FED IS BEST


32 Weeks Pregnant I wanted to VERY BRIEFLY cover the topic of "birth plans" and why they are important to me. First of all a birth plan is just a plan, it is not a guide and step by step for your labour and delivery you can not plan for that and in the moment … Continue reading BIRTH PLAN?

The Calm Before The Storm

31 WEEKS PREGNANT! In just a few days I will be telling people I am due NEXT MONTH — the count down is on! Everything seems pretty perfect right now. Addison is sleeping amazing despite teething, the sun is shinning, our house renovations are finally wrapping up and I can finally get a start on … Continue reading The Calm Before The Storm

There Is No Pregnancy Like Your First

First Pregnancy VS. Second.When I was pregnant with Addison someone once told me "enjoy every second of your first pregnancy— you will never have another pregnancy like your first." Were they ever right! This pregnancy is so different then my first in just about every way and to be honest I think I may be … Continue reading There Is No Pregnancy Like Your First

The Title “Addison and My Grace”

I have received so much positive feed back through Instagram direct messages since launching my blog—  more than I had anticipated. I have always had so much to say and share I thought a blog would be such a great way to investment my free time and I appreciate ALL the support. Creating a blog has … Continue reading The Title “Addison and My Grace”

Top 5 Cold Remedies While Pregnant

Diffusing Essential Oils I love everything essential oils can do for us— so when I'm sick I take full advantage of their benefits. I diffuse 3 Drops of RC, 3 Drops of Lavender & 2 Drops of Lemon. I diffuse "Young Living" essential oils in a "Dew Drop Diffuser". This blend of oils helps with … Continue reading Top 5 Cold Remedies While Pregnant